A Very Special Reading of the Children's Illustrated Book

The Pink Dress

In remembrance of the signing of Executive Order 9066

that authorized the Japanese American Internment,


A very special reading of the children’s illustrated book

THE PINK DRESS, a story from the Japanese American Internment

by Leslie Kitashima-Gray*

based on her mother’s** experience during World War 2.

An online event via Zoom read by members of Centenary United Methodist Church



The recording of the event is posted above. Hope you enjoy it!

You can order the book at https://www.xlibris.com/en/bookstore/bookdetails/538115-the-pink-dress

*Leslie Kitashima-Gray is a Los Angeles writer, director and visual artist whose work has been performed both here and internationally.  Her puppetry production of THE PINK DRESS toured with the Music Center to schools across Los Angeles, and she is a teacher and designer, bringing workshops to communities here and around the world. 

**Moonza Kitashima, the inspiration for the book, was a longtime member of Centenary UMC. She passed away in April of 2020.