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125th Anniversary Devotional Booklet - Steve Haruta, Susan Edwards…and You…

Updated: Feb 25, 2022

Terry Miyashiro-Sonoda and Wendy Raksin are busy working on the new version of the Devotional Booklet that will be published to celebrate Centenary’s125 years of ministry.

This new version will include devotionals from the original booklet, 100 Years of God’s Faithfulness, that was part of Centenary’s 100th Anniversary Celebration in 1996.

We will also be adding new entries from anyone who has been a part of Centenary’s 125 years of ministry for the 2022 Devotional Booklet. This includes YOU!

Your devotional may be about…

• your faith journey

• a favorite memory of Centenary

• your favorite Bible verse or hymn

• a saying or quote

• a poem

• or…your own idea for a devotional

Go online and complete the form at or click on the form below to download the form and mail it to Centenary United Methodist Church, P.O. Box 412797, Los Angeles, CA 90041.

125th Anniversary - Devotional Booklet - Submission Form PDF
Download PDF • 80KB

Need ideas? Read the devotionals by Steve Haruta and Susan Edwards.


A friend of my mother created a special calligraphy for me while I was studying music in college. The English translation from Japanese is: “Music is the universal language of peace.” It is framed very simply, in a black lacquered picture frame. It has been in every living room, in every home I have ever lived in for the past twenty-five years.

After all those years, I really do not know whether I treasure it more for its visual appeal, the flowing crispness of the artist’s strokes and their controlled execution, or for the eternal truth in its message.

When I began singing in the Centenary Choir back in 1981, I never realized what a profound effect it would have on my life. Music has been a passion and part of my life since childhood. I remember the endless practicing, the recitals, the bands and the groups, and trying to make a living as a musician. But singing in the choir was different. There have been times when I may not have sung the right notes or rehearsed the music as much as I should have, but come Sunday morning when we lift our voices with enthusiasm to sing and celebrate in God’s name during the service, it somehow doesn’t matter. As we sing I am never as close or feel God’s presence more strongly than during this time, for which I am truly humbled, and grateful. And as for the choir members, directors, and accompanists, I am truly indebted to all of them through the years for their friendship, love, and support, because without them, there would be no music.

After looking at the calligraphy hanging in the living room a few days ago, I began thinking music may be the “…universal language of peace,” but to me, it is the voice of God.

- Steve Haruta - Centenary’s 100th Anniversary Devotional Booklet


The Message in Moldy Cheese

While recently putting away groceries, I noticed the cheese that I had just bought was moldy. That same day, I decided to begin a holiday cheer project, and needed plastic bags to put candy canes in to keep them sanitary due to the Covid-19 pandemic. After exchanging the cheese, as I had gone back out anyway (not planned), I popped into the bargain variety store next door to the grocer. As divine providence would have it, I unexpectedly discovered within a huge display of thousands of items, decorative gifts bags. Then it got even better. Nearby were the only two remaining (slightly damaged) stick-on gift tags from a different manufacturer. They almost matched the cute gift bags! It gets even better!! As I walked home, I was greeted by a dramatic military plane flyover - part of a nearby football game at the local sports stadium.

While assembling these “random acts of kindness” holiday giveaways, I thought of 1 Timothy 6:18. Be generous and willing to share.

Even those of us who can least afford the financial outlay, if committed to seeing a stranger smile and brighten their day, can find a way. As Christians, we are called to these moments of kindness wherein everybody benefits by giving and expecting nothing in return.

When did you last express some of your God-given Christ-like behavior? When do you plan to do this once again, and encourage others to do the same?

- Susan Edwards - Centenary’s 125th Anniversary Devotional Booklet


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