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Centenary DTLA Oral History Project: Harry and Rosie Hayashida

We have been posting the videos from the Centenary DTLA Oral History Project on our YouTube channel found at Our first posted videos were of Yaeko Kusayanagi Nakamura who was the chairperson and interviewer of the Oral History Project; Kaz Saito and George Yamaka who also interviewed members; and Tom Saruwatari who was their videographer. It is because of their countless hours to record the histories of our members that Centenary now has the priceless treasure of 102 Oral History Project videos.

We will be forever grateful to Kay Sugahara who granted Centenary United Methodist Church $25,000 in 1988 so that the stories of Centenary’s Issei, Nisei, and Sansei members may not be forgotten.

The interviews of Harry and Rosie Hayashida are the latest videos that will have a permanent space on Centenary’s YouTube channel. Go to to see the growing library of Centenary DTLA Oral History Project interviews.



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