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Church Picnic

By Jane Oyama

(Pictures shared by Carolyn Tokunaga, Jane Oyama, and Tim Yamamoto)

After a two-year hiatus, the Centenary Church Picnic took place Sunday, July 10, 2022, at the Veterans Park in Culver City. About sixty Nichigo and English members and friends enjoyed a delicious potluck lunch.

The All Praise team (Chris Leese, Jon Oyama, Cynthia Nishinaka and Michele Nagata) inspired with music.

The Sunday message was delivered by Rev. Ki Choi and Rev. Michio Okawa. Lay leaders, Robert Nishinaka and Ron Hasegawa, emceed a moment of thanks to our ministers. Surprisingly talented, Robert, led a Dionne Warwick style tune to honor them.

Cynthia Nishinaka and Michele Nagata led games. Bingo, charades, and a balloon toss provided hilarious moments. District Superintendent Rev. Mark Nakagawa and Rev. Ki won balloon toss team with God's help.

Judy Asazawa, Jon Oyama, Ted Yamada and Tom Saruwatari assisted in Zoom recording and sound. Picnic Chairpersons Ted Yamada and Michele Nagata were helped by many. Thanks to Vicky Leon, Gloria Fujita, Jane Rivera, Jane Oyama (prizes); Tom Saruwatari, Mark Sadamitsu, Chris Vensel, Wendell Oyama, Gail Nishinaka, Minh Luu, and others (supplies and transport assistance); Gail Nishinaka and Michele Nagata (food table arrangement); Mui Koike and Jane Oyama (fees); Carolyn Tokunaga, Jane Oyama and Tim Yamamoto (photos); and, of course, the Centenary family (lunch).

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