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Devotional Booklet - Dick Kushino and Rev. KarenFay Ramos-Young

Updated: Jun 13, 2022

The Devotional Booklet will be the thank you gift for those who attend the 125th Anniversary Luncheon at the Anaheim Majestic Garden Hotel on October 15, 2022. The booklet will have entries from the 100th Anniversary version and devotionals submitted by our families and friends of today…which includes you…

Your devotional may be about…

* your faith journey

* a favorite memory of Centenary

* your favorite Bible verse or hymn

* a saying or quote

* a poem

* or…your own idea for a devotional

Our examples for this Chimes are from Dick Kushino who wrote his devotional for the 100th Anniversary edition and Rev. KarenFay Ramos-Young who was inspired Easter morning to write her devotional for the 125th Anniversary Devotional Booklet.

Please send your submission by August 15, 2022 to Centenary United Methodist Church, P.O. Box 412797, Los Angeles, CA 90041 or complete the Google Form at The 125th Anniversary devotional booklet will be the thank you present for everyone who has made a donation to Centenary’s Legacy Endowment Fund.

125th Anniversary - Devotional Booklet - Submission Form PDF
Download PDF • 80KB


At age 17 I was struck down by polio. I was paralyzed from the chest down, unable to move my arms and legs. I was devastated. I had always been a physically active person, but now I lay helpless, unable to move more than my head. Despair turned to a determination that I would walk again. I recalled my mother’s admonishments: “God helps those who help themselves…”

The journey back was long, painful, and hard. I never recovered fully, but I am ambulatory. Even today, having now lived most of my life, I feel the relief and gratitude at being able to stand on my two feet.

The lessons learned from this ordeal shaped my life; the incredible power of mind over matter; harnessing willpower and determination to overcome obstacles; to set goals, and focus on accomplishing them one step at a time. Most importantly, I witnessed the power of faith — faith in God, and in one’s self. With faith, one can face adversities, not as calamities, but as mere challenges to be met and overcome.

-Dick Kushino - Centenary’s 100th Anniversary Devotional Booklet


'Be strong and courageous' from Joshua 1:9

God, help us to pray with our eyes open.

Open our eyes.

Help us to be strong and courageous to see the truths of our world;

global unrest, global climate crisis,

poverty, hunger, oppression, aggression,

social and racial inequity, gender bias,

hatred and discrimination,

and all the pains of our world.

God, help is to pray with our eyes open.

Open our eyes. Open our hearts. Open our hands.

Help us to be strong and courageous to see the truths of our world; that--

we can bring hope,

we can bring justice,

we can bring beauty,

we can bring peace,

we can bring the assurance of your love to a hurting world.

God, help us to pray with our eyes open.


-Rev. KarenFay Ramos-Young - Centenary’s 125th Anniversary Devotional Booklet

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