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Handcrafted Booth - Arigato Bazaar 2022

Updated: Aug 1, 2022

(Pictures above taken by Tim yamamoto at previous Arigato Bazaar)

Thank you to all of the Handcrafted crew who put so much effort into making the booth a successful part of the bazaar.

Darren Shirai set up the tables and closet straps. Marilyn Nobori, Jan Haruta, Karin Hayashi, and Caroline Choi set up the displays of the unique handcrafted items. Booth staffers Vicky Uyemura, Marilyn Nobori, Jan Haruta, Karin Hayashi, and Jane Oyama worked tirelessly during the day of the bazaar.

Special thanks to Vicky Uyemura who stepped up to coordinate the booth during the Bazaar and packed, boxed and stored everything at the end of the day with the help of Jane Oyama.

This is a booth that doesn’t function without the many crafters who put in hours of their time creating the items that we sell. We thank you for your gifts of time, the delightful things you make, and the sharing of your talents. It is a booth of surprises.

We appreciate all of you.

Carolyn Tokunaga, Handcrafted Booth Chair



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