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[January 2021] Enrich, Empower, Impact

By Harry Kuruma

As we enter into 2021, we look back upon the type of year 2020 had been… But as our new year begins, we find ourselves still struggling in the midst of a viral pandemic with racial and cultural discord continuing to lead to major political battles… Now at Centenary, as you all know, we also faced the loss of our Senior Pastor Sunyoung Lee, who had to utilize a medical leave of absence, in December, to recover from personal health problems…

During her brief four and a half years at Centenary Pastor Sunnie worked hard to make our church a spiritual home for all our members… any or all of us as we sought to build a stronger relationship with Jesus… she believed in small cell group ministries as a way to grow together meaningfully in the life of Christ… She believed in Music as a form of prayer to God… She would have been happy if she could have transformed us all into “disciples of Jesus Christ for transformation of the world”

She has since received wishes from many of you for improved health and a rapid healthy return….

But, as many of you know, I express my thoughts, my feelings, and prayers best through music…So, after learning of Pastor Sunnie’s Medical Leave in December I wrote a song using an old Praise Band tune with words that reflect how much Pastor Sunnie had meant to all of us…. I shared the song in a December Worship service but have since been asked to see my song lyrics… I named the song “Enrich, Empower, Impact” and the lyrics are as follows:

Verse 1:

You were raised a preacher’s kid

So you had an early start

When you heard the call from Jesus in your life

You came to Centenary

To preach his love for all

For scriptures always speaking through your heart.


And from you we learned the kind of Faith

That looks up to the heavens

From you we saw just what we’d like to be

We wish that you could always be here,

Tell us what to do

Cause we always saw the light of Christ through you.

Verse 2:

Our Mission statement’s in our soul

We’ll share what we have learned

Enrich, Empower, Impact was our dream

Enrich our thoughts, empower us

To impact our beliefs

So all can share the blessings we receive

Verse 3:

Your special love for Praise Band music

Filled your shepherd’s heart

And made you care so deeply for your flock

You were always there to teach and help us Shout out to the Lord

So we sing and share the light of Christ with you.

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