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[March 2021] Behind-the-Scenes at Centenary

Updated: Mar 6, 2021

A loud “Thank You” to all the volunteers who are stepping up to bring your weekly worship services. There is a lot of behind-the- scenes work to develop each Sunday’s Service. A PowerPoint Team prepares slides that augment our live Zoom worship services. Our Zoom Tech Team works to make sure scriptures, songs and announcements are projected on our screens at the right time.

Centenary is blessed to have these fearless volunteers who have stepped forward—fearless because many are developing these PowerPoint slides for the first time. Other first timers are taking turns to make sure our weekly services are being broadcast live on YouTube.

PowerPoint Team members are: Terry Kusuyama, Vicky Leon, Cynthia Nishinaka, Jane Oyama, Jonathan Oyama and Heidi Sasaki. Our Zoom Techs are: Mari and Martin Blagaich, Cynthia Nishinaka, Jonathan Oyama, Todd Sasaki and Tom Saruwatari. YouTube and Website Editor is Sookee An.

We have been blessed with many members who have contributed Special Music for our services. Thank you to: Harry Kuruma (vocal and guitar), Cynthia Nishinaka (accordion), Jonathan Oyama (steel drum), Marilyn Hikida (vocal), and Ted Yamada (saxophone).

We are still in need of a few more volunteers to help with the Zoom coordination. There’s a rotation so your turn will come up once every three to four weeks. We also need to edit our worship videos. If you are willing (no experience necessary), contact

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