[May 2021] Girls' Clubs & Boys' Y Clubs and MYF Reunions

In 2022, Centenary’s Fellowship Hall will be the venue for two reunions as we celebrate 125 years of ministry at Centenary.

The Girls’ Clubs & Boys’ Y Clubs Reunion will rekindle old friendships and reconnect members of the 53 clubs that were a huge part of Centenary’s ministry when it was at 35th and Normandie. We would love to have you be a part of the Girls’ Clubs & Boys’ Y Clubs Reunion Committee. If interested, please email Vicky Nishinaka Leon at victorianishinaka@gmail.com. Any ideas and suggestions are welcomed.

The MYF Reunion will reunite those who were a part of Centenary’s youth ministries at the current church in Little Tokyo. If you would like to be a part of the MYF Reunion Committee, please email Michele Nagata at cheledances@gmail.com.

We hope that you will come back to Centenary to catch up with old friends! Go to https://www.centenarydtla.org/subscribe and join Centenary’s email list to keep apprised of the special events scheduled throughout the 125th Anniversary celebration year. You have the option of subscribing to Centenary’s weekly message, the Chimes Newsletter every other month, and/or our general church announcements. We promise that we will not share your email address…

Below is a list of the Centenary Girls’ Clubs and Boys’ Y Clubs. The dates designate when the member was born. Please SHARE this post with your family and friends! #centenarydtla125