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Memorial Tree - Leaves from the Girls’ Clubs, Boys’ Y Clubs, and MYF Reunion were added...

We have been showing remembrances for Centenary’s Memorial Tree in the Chimes throughout our 125th Anniversary Celebration. Memorial leaves were placed on the sanctuary walls by those who attended the Girls’ Clubs, Boys’ Y Clubs, and MYF Reunion on August 27, 2022. Below are some Memorial Tree leaves from Susan Saito Onishi written during the reunion.

We invite you to also add leaves for your loved ones. If you are not able to come to church, we will put your leaves on the wall for you.

The leaves may have…

  • In loving memory of _____

  • In memory of _____. With love, _____

  • An open-ended message or memory

Feel free to submit remembrances for one or more of your Centenary family and/or friends.

Go online and complete the form at Click HERE to download the Memorial Tree form and mail it to Centenary at 300 S. Central Avenue, Los Angeles, CA 90013. You may also call the church at (213) 617-9097 to leave your remembrances.

You will have a chance to put your leaves on the walls after any of the Sunday services before October 23, 2022.

Go to and see the video of Leslie placing the first leaf for the Memorial Tree and other leaves that are on the sanctuary’s walls to remember loved ones.



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