[November 2020] Acknowledgements

By Brian Kurushima, Financial Secretary

Donations Aug 15-Oct 20, 2020


Yasui, Emmie


Adachi, Joyce – In memory of Masako Kaku

Kubo, Ruth – In memory of Loved Ones

Kurushima, Brian – In memory of Mary Meri Kurushima

Matsuno, Lori – In memory of Eric Oshiro AC Counselor

Matsuno, Lori – In memory of Ruth Bader Ginsburg

Shiokari, Mark and Denise – In memory of John and Vi Shiokari

Yoichi Serizawa – In memory of Emi Serizawa

Yasui, Emmie – In memory of Arline Lew

Yasui, Emmie – In memory of Mary Nakajima


An, Sookee – Dr Susan Edward’s book

Goerke, Dorothy - Communications

Koo, Susie – World Communion Sunday

Kuruma, Harry and Carole – World Communion Sunday

Matsuno, Lori – In honor of a really good sermon

Matsuno, Lori – Welcome back Pastor Sunnie

Matsuno, Lori – Thank you for negative Covid test again

Matsuno, Lori – World Communion Sunday

Nishinaka, Robert and Gail – Birth of Cora Lou Leese

Sugamura, Terry – Special Offering

Suzuki, Lorraine and Gonzales, Esteban – BLM and LGBTQ

Suzuki, Lorraine – Thank you

Tokunaga, Carolyn – Kid City

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