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By Harry Kuruma

Christmas has always been my favorite season. For some people, the Christmas festive period lasts for 12 days, beginning on December 25 with the birth of the Christ child, and continues until January 5th, the day of Epiphany, when it is reputed that three Wise Men bearing gifts arrived to honor the baby Jesus.

As for me, I am embraced and filled with Christmas cheer and spirit, beginning with the first Advent Sunday in December, and, lasting throughout the month. Each Sunday an Advent candle is lit, signifying the feelings of Hope, Peace, Joy, and Love. I especially feel blessed in my faith as the Christ candle is being lit during my favorite worship service of the year on Christmas Eve. At months end, I finally realize it is time to discard my dried out Christmas tree and begin thinking about my New Year’s Resolution.

Most of my previous New Year’s Resolutions were to lose weight but they were over, usually by February, after I had gained five pounds. So this year I thought I would try something different. I have been thinking how nice it would be if people could behave year round the way they do during the Holiday season. It always seems that people, including myself, exhibit more of a feeling of spiritual warmth, love for people and charitable giving during this period.

So this New Year’s, I resolve that for me, 2023 will be a year of living Centenary’s Mission Statement to Go Out and Share God’s Love.

Although I am now bound to a wheelchair, throughout the coming year, I resolve to serve others more, give to the poor and homeless, focus on family life, experience the good feelings of giving rather than receiving, and express to others the thankfulness and music I feel in my heart. I invite each of you to join with me and do the same.

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