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[September 2020] Announcements

1. Dr. Susan Joy Edwards, a Centenary member, has published a book, Living Light, online. You can find her book at

Living Light is the brainchild of Dr. Susan Joy Edwards. A retired dean of students, university professor, vocational rehabilitation expert, alcohol and drug abuse counselor, and ESL instructor. Dr. Edwards' career has spanned four decades.

The diverse students and clientele Dr. Edwards has had the privilege of working with include the following: Native American youth and families, middle school students in Iraq, kindergartners in Japan,  graduate students in Europe, teenagers in Mexico, as well as domestic abuse survivors, jail inmates, and corporate executives.

This website is platform for her book: Living Light: A Journey of Endurance, Faith, Determination, and Vision. Rather than wasting precious years attempting to publish the traditional route, Dr. Edwards wanted readers to have access now, and also access Living Light at no cost.

2. Join us this September for 30 days of anti-racism. Each day we will engage in an activity that helps us to become more anti-racist in the ways we think and act.

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