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[September 2020] Fall Fundraiser

Dear members of our Centenary family,

I miss you and hope that you and your family are safe and healthy…

As you know, Centenary’s Arigato Bazaar was cancelled because of the coronavirus pandemic. I am Vicky Leon, the Chairperson of Centenary’s Golf Tournament, and our committee decided to cancel the tournament to safeguard the health of our golfers. Since we lost Centenary’s two main fundraisers, we decided to have a Fall Fundraiser to help raise much-needed revenue for the church.

The Fall Fundraiser is like no other fundraiser we have had at Centenary. Centenary does need help financially, but at the same time, people have lost their jobs or are paying higher living costs on a fixed income. Since the Fall Fundraiser is trying to make up for the lost revenue from the Arigato Bazaar and Centenary’s Golf Tournament, the raffle tickets cost $25 each instead of our usual $2 Arigato Bazaar and $5 Golf Tournament raffle tickets. Rather than have our $1,000 Gold, $500 Silver, and $350 Bronze Sponsorships like the Golf Tournament, people who would like to be a Fall Fundraiser Sponsor may donate any tax-deductible monetary amount.

The Fall Fundraiser is more like the story in the Bible in which the poor widow gives two small coins and Jesus tells his disciples how she has put in more than all the others. The Fall Fundraiser Committee does not want you to give Centenary your last two pennies. You know that Centenary needs help, but you also know the state of your finances during this pandemic. All that I ask is that you say a prayer and give whatever you can to Centenary’s Fall Fundraiser…

Go to and click the orange box to see our growing list of raffle prizes and Fall Fundraiser Sponsors. Click on the yellow box to see the Fall Fundraiser’s order form that you may mail to the church or use the directions to pay online. Click on the red box if you would like to schedule a contactless pick up or drop off of a raffle prize donation.

I do not know when we will be able to see each other at Centenary. However, we are able to “see” each other during Centenary’s Virtual Sunday Services! Join us 15 minutes before the service at 10:30 am or stay after the service as we are able to talk with everyone just like we used to do in Centenary’s Fellowship Hall. If you do not have a computer, you can use your phone. I hope that you go to and join us for Centenary’s Virtual Sunday Services.

May God watch over you and your family,


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