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Devotional Booklet - Jane Rivera & Terry Miyashiro-Sonoda…and You…

Updated: Feb 14, 2022

We are creating a new version of the Devotional Booklet that was published during Centenary’s 100th Anniversary. Along with the devotionals from the original booklet in 1996, we will be adding new entries from anyone who has been a part of Centenary’s 125 years of ministry for the 2022 version.

Your devotional may be about…

• your faith journey

• a favorite memory of Centenary

• your favorite Bible verse or hymn

• a saying or quote

• a poem

• or…your own idea for a devotional

Go online and complete the form at or click on the form below to download the form and mail it to Centenary United Methodist Church, P.O. Box 412797, Los Angeles, CA 90041.

125th Anniversary - Devotional Booklet - Submission Form PDF
Download PDF • 80KB

Need ideas? Read the devotionals by Jane Rivera and Terry Miyashiro-Sonoda.


When my grandfather died I was 7 years old. He lived with us and he was my companion, my best friend, my protector, my everything! I felt a great loss, even though I had two wonderful parents; to me, they couldn’t replace my grandfather, Tsuneichi Kamon. He played with me, talked with me, took me to kindergarten, picked me up, and loved me. I realize now that he had something special about him because he was a Christian, in every sense of the word. He breathed, walked, talked, thought, like a true follower of Christ. If you knew him you would know exactly what I mean.

In Sunday School we had to learn a Bible verse each week. We would stand and recite that verse the next Sunday during worship service before being dismissed to class. The verse that hit me like a bolt of lightning one Sunday was I Peter 5:7 — “Casting all your cares upon Him, for He careth for you.” I asked my Aunty Tayeko what that meant. When she explained it to me, it became my favorite verse and still is today. It will always remain my favorite verse of the Bible because it filled an emptiness I had in me since my grandfather’s death. It brings great comfort to me even today when I say it. Believe in Jesus Christ, accept the Lord as your Savior and He will fill your emptiness and bring joy into your life. I know because that is what He has done for me.

- Jane Rivera - Centenary’s 100th Anniversary Devotional Booklet



The year I had cancer of the tonsils. I had radiation to the right side of my jaw and neck for 33 days. This was followed by 2 months in bed. I had plenty of time to have many conversations with God. I realized (and know) that I am never alone.

After my recovery I found a bangle bracelet. It says, “This is the day the Lord has made * Rejoice * Be Glad…” -Psalm 118:24

God blesses me each and every day.

- Terry Miyashiro-Sonoda - Centenary’s 125th Anniversary Devotional Booklet

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