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[July 2021] Centenary's Joys and Concerns

By Jane Rivera, Administrative Assistant

We welcome our new Senior Minister Reverend Ki Tae Choi and his lovely wife Caroline, along with their children, son Elijah and daughter Drew. We would also like to congratulate Reverend Ki on his recent ordination as elder during the Cal-Pac Annual Conference last month.

Congratulations to Annamae Tamaki who became a great-grandmother! Also to grandparents Mary Tamaki & Jay Green on the birth of their grandson Sonny Bloom Green. Proud parents are Ian and wife Spencer Green. Baby Sonny was born on February 23, 2021 at 6:07 a.m.

Congratulations to Dorothy Goerke on becoming a great-grandmother!

Chloe Takeuchi, oldest daughter of Christine Robinson, became a first time mother giving birth to a beautiful baby girl Gia. Gia was born on May 5, 2021, weighing 6 pounds 15 oz. and 18 inches long.

Congratulations to Wendell & Jane Oyama on the birth of their third grandchild.

Oldest son Edward and his wife Becky gave birth on July 19th to a baby boy, Ezra, 8 lbs. 13 oz. Mother and baby are doing fine. Big sisters, Elise and Lydia are keeping daddy busy.

With much appreciation to the Reverend John Miyahara for gracing our pulpit, via Zoom, once a month for the past 6 months. Your sermons were extremely uplifting and thought provoking.

We also thank Pastor Eric Iki, from Faith UMC in Torrance, who preached for us, via Zoom, several times.

A big “thank you” to our District Superintendent Mark Nakagawa for all his wisdom and

leadership during this time.

We lift up prayers for the healing and comfort of:

Mike Okamura – healing from recent surgery

Randy Sato – recovering from health concerns

We lift up prayers for the families of:

Masako Miyake (102) passed away on May 1. Our prayers are with her family: Judy Asazawa, Kathie Nishida, Robert Miyake, Barbara Asazawa Nava, and Kaimani and Kamryn Nava and her extended family.

Matthew I. Matsuoka (102) passed away on June 18. Our condolences go out to wife

Yoshie and children Daniel, Joyce, Jon, and Matt. Service was held on July 6, at Fukui Mortuary with D.S. Rev. Mark Nakagawa officiating.

Gerald Yamamoto, passed away recently. Our prayers go out to his daughter Jamie.

The Reverend Robert Nakata, from Kaneohe, Hawaii, brother of Frances Kushino who also passed away recently.

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