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Asian Camp Reflection by Eli Choi

Updated: Sep 1, 2022

For some reason every year when camp is brought up I’m skeptical about it. I never know how other people will be, or who the counselors are or if I'll even come away with anything impactful. I felt that same pre-camp hesitations and curiosities this year, except I had even more doubt because I’m promoting to Asian camp age group to this year for the for first time. The last time I was in summer camp was before the pandemic and I was attending Junior High Camp in person. Now that we got to return to camp in person, I finally got to experience Asian Camp. Although I had memorable times in prior camps, I actually had the best time I’ve had in a long time. Seeing some friends from different churches, connecting with new friendships were special. This year’s theme was called the “Resurrection.” It reminded me of how this camp felt like it was being resurrected after wondering if we would ever experience camp in person again. One important message I learned from the theme “Resurrection” is that there will always be a time where I can find hope that some things I have lost the love for, can resurrect so that I find the passion for it again. I have to say, along with learning about the "Resurrection" from different angles, this year camp was nothing but fun. Even during the most serious moments, with tears filling our eyes saying, "Hope to see you next year," I enjoyed every part of this year’s Asian American Christian Summer Camp. I just wanted to say, "Thank you to the Centenary Church family for your prayers and support." I learned so much more about my Christian faith at camp.

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