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The 125th Anniversary t-shirts are here!  They are black t-shirts with Centenary United Methodist Church and the Methodist flame and cross in the front and the 125th Anniversary logo with the two stained glass windows on the back.  All of the t-shirts cost $20 with the exception of $25 for adult 2X large.  If there aren’t any t-shirts left in your particular size, please call the church at (213) 617-9097.  We will add your t-shirt(s) to our next t-shirt order.


Please call the church at (213) 617-9097 to make arrangements to pick up your t-shirts at Centenary or you may have your t-shirts delivered to your home for $6 per t-shirt. 


125th Anniversary Black T-Shirts ($20-$25; $6 Shipping, purchased separtely)